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About us

Explore Your Creativity

Founded in 2021, we are proud to serve the autism community. Our organization consists of camps and monthly events to provide an interactive experience exploring sensory art and crafts. We hope to create our own language through the realm of art and go beyond just art. Our priority is to provide a high level of attention to each individual while participating in our program. We hope to give the best experience unique to each child.

Our Mission

Let’s Do Art! is on a mission for children with autism to grow and develop their artistic capabilities. Providing affordable and accessible art programs, we aim to 
give new opportunities for autistic individuals to explore and have fun in different areas of art.


Our story


How we got here

Let’s Do Art was founded in the summer of 2022 by Jamie Lim and Lauren Booher in Fort Worth, Texas as a student-run organization. First started as a summer program affiliated with Trinity Valley School, we launched our pilot model of the program for the duration of 2 weeks. Through the summer program, we have impacted more than 8 families. We quickly came to realize the potential to reach the vast community of autism through art and have thus worked hard to create and develop Let’s Do Art.

Our path to creating this organization did not come without struggle. Through the hours of working to develop a curriculum that can best aid students with autism, we are continuing to develop our program. We are not only passionate about teaching art but hope that these childrens can grow their connections with others through art.

Non-profit Organization

We are a non-profit organization seeking to provide the best experience for each family. Help us create an impact.

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